Warmup-2 Rounds

8 Tuck Jumps

25ft Walking Lunges

5 25 ft Shuttle runs

A) Back Squats

3×3@70% *2mins rest between sets

2×3@80% *2mins rest between sets

*4 min rest then,

1×3+@90%….try to hit 3 reps and if you feel like you can hit more hit for max reps

B) WOD:For Time

500m Row

50 Box Over Step up (24/20) w/ slam ball (30/20)

50 Abmat Sit ups

50 Med Ball Cleans (20/14)

C) Accessory:

3×5-10 Glute Ham Raises or Partner Variation from floor. or GHD Hip Ext

3×20 Banded Glute Pull Throughs


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