Oly Class-Snatch
5-10-Tall Snatch PVC+Footwork Drills
10-20- Heavy Snatch Grip Push Press Behind the Neck
20-30-Snatch Balance From Rack *Focus on speed and depth
30-40-Heavy Hang Snatch
40-50-Heavy Snatch
50-60-Heavy Snatch Pulls
*Move up in weight but should not miss a lot. Technique is the priority.

CrossFit-Endurance/Barbell Cycling
Teams of 2-3
100 cal Row/100 Deads (115/75)
80 cal Row/80 Hang Power Cleans
60 cal Row/60 Front Squats
40 cal Row/40 Push Jerks
20 cal Row/20 Clusters
*Split reps as needed
*Same weight on barbell for all movements

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