New You
Mobility-Hip and Ankle
-Barbell Work (Front/Back Squats)
4×10 of each Squat *Stay light and work on technique
B) Chipper WOD
-400m run/jog/walk
-40 Box Jumps/Step ups
-40 Slam Balls
-40 Ring Rows
C) Talk about recovery and recovery tools in the gym.

9AM CrossFit
*Teams of 3 For Time:
90 S20 (95/65)
90 Bar Over Burpees
90 Squat Jumps
100m run
60 S20
60 Bar Over Burpees
60 Squat Jumps
100m run
30 S2O
30 Bar Over Burpees
30 Squat Jumps
800m run

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