Mobility-Shoulder Prep

A) Warmup:

800m run

then, 2 rounds

5 Strict Press +5 Push Press (Bar)

10-15  GHD Hip Ext

B) Find 1 RM Push Press *25 mins

C) WOD: Conditioning Repeats- 3 Rounds

In a 3 minute time period complete:

200m run

10 T2B

10 Box Overs (24/20)

then, max Double Unders (only do singles if you can’t string together double unders)

*rest 60 secs between rounds

*score is max double unders

*scale reps and distance to where you can get to the rope each round


New You

Mobility-Pulling Prep

Warmup-8 100m sprints *sprint down and walk back recovery

A) Strength

Kettlebell Deadlifts- 5×10

Prowler Sprints- 3-5 Sprints


Broad Jumps Down

Lunge Back

Run Down and Back

10 Squats




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