Benefits of Personal Training/Skill Sessions

Everyone can benefit from scheduling Personal Training or Skill Sessions. Obviously, this means additional income for me so why wouldn’t I say that right? This is true, but I would like for everyone to be the best version of their selves as they want to be. This can be achieved by having a more specific plan of attack for accessory and skill work. I’m not asking that everyone meet with me multiple times a week and go through your training package in a couple weeks unless that is what you would like to do. That’s why we have set an expiration date of 6 months after purchase date for your training packages. That way you can just meet with me once a week or maybe once every couple weeks if that is what you would like. Depending on what you want to work on we can meet and give you certain “Homework” to be completed on your own for a certain time period then meet again later to change things around and give new things to work on. Below are a few reasons why I think everyone could benefit from these packages.
1) Individualized Accessory Work
I try to program accessory work during the normal CrossFit classes but everyone has their own weaknesses that they need to be working on. The accessory work during class are normally just what the majority of our members need to work on. If you have your own sessions we can create a more specific plan of attack to address your exact weaknesses. Also, some of you may already be strong from working out in the past in a normal gym setting but need additional conditioning work and then some of you may be the opposite where you used to run before CrossFit but may have never lifted at all. If this is the case we can give some extra work to be completed on your own or during open gym times to become a more balanced CrossFitter.

2) One on One Attention
Technique flaws- Let’s be honest, as much as myself or our other coaches try to get around to everyone during a normal class we don’t always have as much time as we would like to address certain flaws. Therefore, we have to correct the biggest mistakes we see but can’t always drill the little things that I would like to. When we have our larger classes there are times that I don’t even see all the lifts that everyone takes that day. With these sessions you would get more attention and can really hammer down the little things that will make a BIG difference. You could schedule these sessions to work on the more skillful lifts (Snatch, Clean & Jerk, etc) or the more difficult gymnastic movements (Muscle ups, Handstands/Handstand walks, Double Unders, etc).

3) Personal Training Packages
These sessions would be an hour long and probably better suited for those who want to do additional strength work, complete extra conditioning work or a little bit of both. We can do small group training if you and someone else have the same things they want to work on. All of these sessions would have to be completed together but they would be at a discounted rate since it would not be considered one-on-one training. These packages would also be perfect for those non-CrossFit members who would like to do some personal training.
4) 30 minute Skill Session Packages
These sessions would be great for those who want to do more specific accessory work, drill technique on certain lifts that you are struggling with and going through progressions on more skillful movements.
Our pricing information for personal training can be found here:    If you would like to schedule a personal training appointment or would like to discuss options in person, please call 246-5943 or email [email protected] to make an appointment.
Cody Galbreath

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