A) Mobility-Inchworm/Seal Stretch, Monster Walks, 10 Glute Bridges
B) Warmup- Barbell-5 Good Morning, 5 RDL’S, 5 Bent over Rows
then, 5 sled SPRINTS (Lightweight) *30 secs rest between
C) Deadlift 5RM*No Touch n Go
then, 1 set of max touch n go reps at 80% of your 5RM
*Perfect form on all sets or your set is over…..NO ROUNDING
D) Bent Over Row-8RM
E) Rowing Conditioning WOD
4 rounds of 20 secs on 40secs off
3 rounds of 30secs on 30secs off
2 rounds of 40secs on 20secs off
*Score is max calories

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