Mobility-Shoulder Prep

Warmup-3 Rounds or 10 mins

:30 R/L Banded Lat Opener
10 Hanging Lat Activations
:30 R’L Banded External Rotation
10 6 Point FG’s
10 Singe Arm Dumbell Presses *Heavier Each Set

A) Push Press 1RM

*25 mins
B) Overhead Holds (Keep Hands where you do when you Strict Press)
*Accumulate 2 mins of an overhead hold within 3 mins. (70% of your 1RM Strict Press)
*No Belt

C) Gymnastics For Time

50 C2B Pull ups –>50 Kipping Pull ups–>3 Max Effort Sets of Ring Rows w/:30 rest btw sets

D) Accessory:
Supinated Grip Strict Press 3×10
Pre Class Mobility
0-10 Warmup
10-35 Push Press
35-40 Overhead Holds
40-45 Rest/Setup
45-50 WOD
50-End Accessory
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