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I bet most of you have noticed a change in the programming recently. We have not been doing the traditional 30-40 minutes of strength work then one Met-Con workout at the end of class. The reason for this is…..The Open is coming up. The Open has generally tested our engines in the past so we have been doing multiple WOD’s a day with little rest to really work on our conditioning moving sub-maximal loads over a longer period of time. Last year was the first year The Open had a strength test in it and I doubt it will be the last time we see a strength event mixed in. For that reason, we will still be working on strength but it will more than likely be on the clock so we can get used to lifting while under fatigue. I just wanted to check in with everyone and let them know why they were seeing this change in the programming. After The Open has finished up you will probably see more of the traditional programming with more strength mixed in during the first part of the class.

We have kicked off the year in a great way. Most classes are packed and people are seeing progress so lets keep this going throughout the year. I love seeing everyone in here and enjoying themselves while getting fit. We have a lot of new members so please make them feel welcome and introduce yourself to people that you do not know. Our first Couch to CrossFit class is more than halfway through and will be hopefully joining us once they are done with that program. I would love to see everyone sign up for The Open this year and have a great time being a part of the global CrossFit community as well as our own gym community. We will again be having the Friday Night Lights Events during The Open this year. Let’s pack the place every Friday cheering each other on during the workouts and just have a good time. Let’s keep the momentum going this month guys….Happy Training!!!!!!


Cody Galbreath

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