July Programming Focus

If you have not noticed already we are focusing on the Olympic Weightlifting movements this month. We will start with a lot of high volume complexes and later this month will start bringing the volume down but work heavier for fewer reps.  Towards the end of the month we will be testing our 1RM’s in both the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. If you want to keep those PR’s coming make sure you try to make it to these days so we can get some technique and volume work in.

Also, we have started a Back Squat and Push Press strength progression cycle. We will be starting with higher reps and will be working down to fewer reps and eventually retest 1RM’s for those probably towards the end of next month. Be sure to record your results in WODHOPPER so you can try to progress from week to week in these lifts. Progress=Results and if you can’t remember what you did from week to week you can’t be sure that you are progressing. I can’t stress it enough to record your results EVERY day.

We will also be working on some things we haven’t worked on in a while: Sumo Deadlift, Bench Press and Paused Front Squats.

As far as conditioning goes we will be retesting a lot of the named WOD’s and some older WOD’s that we have done in the past to make sure we are continuing to get better and better.

3 Focus points for this month
-Consistent training = Results (At least 3-4 times a wk)
-Consistently eating right = Eat well at least 80-90% of the time but treat yourself from time to time
-Consistently getting sleep = Shoot for 8 hours a night

If you do these three things you should see many improvements in the gym and your overall quality of life. Get in here and train hard for the time that you are here. Happy Training!!!!

Cody Galbreath

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