Christmas party!!!

December 14th!

Ho, Ho, Ho CrossFit 217 will be hosting a Our 1st Anniversary Christmas Party. We will provide meat, paleo water and primal tea. Members are asked to bring side dish and adult beverage of choice (if of age).

We are in need of tables and chairs so let grant know on sign up sheet on front desk. Party will start at 6pm. Invitation to Members and Significant other. Please rsvp by Wednesday Dec 11th for a head count. We will be having a White Elephant Gift Exchange with a $20 limit. Please sign up on the front desk if you will be participating!

As well, we will be organizing our “booze table” where everyone that will be drinking please bring a bottle or 12 pack of your beverage or mixer and it can be a communal table. Bring enough for yourself and others to drink. Someone can volunteer to bartend too.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. Mingle and Jingle.

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