August Programming Focus & Announcements

July has past and August is here already. We saw a lot of PR’s in July so congratulations to all of you. In August, we will be programming more skills and drills for the olympic weightlifting movements and working with light weights to correct technique flaws. You will also see a lot of gymnastics skills programmed into this month (handstand holds/walks, muscle ups, rope climbs, toes to bars, pull ups, etc). If you do not have these skills its not a problem as you will doing progressions or a scaled version of the skill. Towards the end of the month we will be retesting our 1RM Back and Front Squats so try to keep making it here on our squat days so you will be prepared to PR at the end of the month. We just finished focusing on the sumo deadlift so be prepared to start pulling with the traditional stance this month.  The Push Press cycle is also approaching a 1RM test in a couple weeks. Keep showing up and putting in the work and the PR’s will keep rolling in.

The Saturday morning CrossFit class was held at the Charleston High School track a couple weeks ago and we had a great turnout and people seemed to enjoy it so we will be trying to get out of the gym at least once a month and meet somewhere for class for a little change of scenery. This would be a great time for any family member or friend that is interested in CrossFit to try out a free class so invite them along with you.

The Athletic Performance Training class for Jr. High and High School kids and the younger kids classes is ending this month as school is going to be starting back up. I have truly enjoyed working with all of the kids and introducing them to weightlifting. We will be offering more kids classes once we figure out some details. We will make an announcement when we figure this out so be on the lookout and if you know anyone else that may be interested let them know.

Olympic weightlifting class will be making a return in the next month or two as well. We are just trying to figure out the details so be looking for an announcement for that some time this month. Those classes will be perfect if you are new to the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. It will be a full hour of breaking down those movements and doing accessory work that will help with those lifts. I look forward to starting these classes again as most of you know those lifts are a passion of mine. I hope to see a lot of you in those classes!

Get in here and TRAIN HARD!

-Cody Galbreath


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