Mobility-Hip and Ankle Prep

Warmup-3 Rounds Not For Time

Run 400m run
10 UB Wall Balls
10 Push ups (Perfect Form-Elbows tucked in) *Scale accordingly

A) Back Squat

*Find a 5RM in 25 mins

B)WOD: 100 Wall Balls For TimeĀ  (20/14)
*Every time you break a set you must rest 60 secs so goal is to complete 100 reps in as few as sets as possible so big sets
*Scale accordingly (Should be able to do 20 UB at least the first round)

*Compare to 6/15/15

*No Slam Balls (Use a Wall Ball)

C) Accessory: Walking Lunges weighted with DB or KB

*3 sets of 20 total steps *AHAP


Prior to class Mobility

0-10 Warmup

10-35 Squats

35-40 Rest/Setup

40-50 WOD

50-End Accessory

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