A) Clean Complex: Work to a heavy complex in 15 mins
1 High Hang Clean + 1 Low Hang Clean + 1 Clean
*work to a heavy complex without missing
B) Back Squat:
EMOM complete 1 Back Squat @
40%, 50, 60, 70, 80
85%, 90, 95
then, rest 3 mins and
80% Back Squat max reps
C) WOD=5 min AMRAP
*In teams of 2
Alternate doing 5 Thrusters with your partner (95/65)
*while your partner is doing thrusters you hold in the front rack
*if you drop the bar your partner can’t work until you are holding the front rack again
*goal is to select a weight you can hold the entire 5 mins or drop only 1-2 times max

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