Goal Setting Tips

It’s that time of year again. Time to break out that pad of paper and jot down your 2016 goals. If you did not see the post Steve made in our CrossFit 217 members page on facebook we will have a new whiteboard in the gym for everyone to write some short/medium/long term goals down. Hopefully, seeing these everyday will keep us motivated and on track to hitting our goals. This whiteboard should be up by the end of the week so I figured I would give you some goal setting tips so you can think about what your goals are so you can add them once the board is up.

1. Set small attainable goals.
If you set a series of small goals you will be happier throughout the year when you hit these goals rather than trying to reach for one long term goal all year long and only being happy that one time you hit that goal. If your goal is to lose 50 lbs during the year then set a series of small goals like losing a pound per week until your at 50 total pounds. In your head that is more manageable than looking at the big number of 50lbs. Also, if your losing a pound/week you are more than likely setting better lifestyle habits that you can keep long term rather than losing weight faster and then likely putting it back on.

2. Reevaluate your goals throughout the year.
Every time you hit a goal you should reevaluate and decided what you want to do with it now. How many times have you hit a weight loss goal and become satisfied and a month later your right back where you started? It works the same with goals in the gym. I’ve seen many people hit a milestone like getting a muscle up or pull up then stop practicing muscle ups and pull ups and then POOF they are gone. Don’t be satisfied when you hit your goals. Reevaluate the goal and decide what you want to do next.

3. Set behavioral goals and not outcome goals.
Outcome-I want to lose 50lbs.
-I want to add 10lbs of muscle.
-I want to eat healthier.
-I want to run a 5K/Marathon.
Behavior-Get in the gym 4 times a week.
-Run 4 days a week. (Start small and work up-5 mins then 10 mins then 15…etc)
-Make an effort every week to prep meals for the week or at least a few days at a time.
-Eat out only once a week.
-Cut back on soda/juice.
I am not saying not to have outcome goals at all but ask yourself how you will get to that outcome and set a behavioral goal that will help get you to those outcomes. Most of the time if you just set outcome goals with no plan on how to get to that outcome they just seem out of reach and you will forget about them in a few months and give up.

4. Don’t focus on your failures.
If you get off track hop back on. Don’t ever give up. More than likely you will get off track a bit throughout the year. Things happen but don’t let it spiral out of control. Realize your off track and then get back to hitting those behavioral goals that will get you going back in the right direction.

5. Surround yourself with a good support group.
Try to get your family/friends on board. Their goals don’t have to mimic yours but they should be supportive of your goals rather than derailing them. Try to get them involved or at least have them hold yourself accountable. We all need help at times and when your surrounded by a strong supportive community you will be more likely to meet your goals.

I want to help all of you meet your 2016 goals so if you have any questions or if I could help with any of this please don’t hesitate to ask me. Happy New Year everyone!!!! Lets kick a** this year!

Cody Galbreath

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