"Consistency is the key to long term results"

I started CrossFit exactly two years ago this month!  I have always worked out, mostly at the YMCA, doing 3 sets of 12 reps on machines 
year after year.  When my mom passed away in 2008, I quit working out all together.  I was depressed and had gained lots of weight.

In 2013, my son, Marshall, qualified to CrossFit Regionals.  Me and Mark went to support him.  While being a spectator, I felt like the
fattest person in the whole crowd.  Marshall had tried to get me back into exercise time to time, but I brushed it off.  After being around 
all of those fit people at Regionals, I thought what the heck am I doing to myself.  I talked to Mark about trying CrossFit.  It took 3 months 
to convince Mark to go.  We went to a free class, I could barely do any of my first WOD.  It was mostly my breathing.  I was exhausted.  But we 
decided to do the prep classes and just fell in love with CrossFit.

Why I love CrossFit?  
1)  Me and Mark started doing CrossFit as a team.  We work out together 4-5 days a week.  I love his companionship and we enjoy hanging out together.
Partners that exercise together appreciate each other.  We talk about our workouts.  It connects us.  That's very important in a relationship.  Happily Married 
31 years!!!!
2)  My CrossFit family.  I have met such a supportive group of people.  Our backgrounds are all over the place here, students,
professors, etc. (all walks of life).  But we come in here and have that common denominator.  To better ourselves!
3)  I have more confidence in myself than ever before.  I started this to lose weight, but have found that the weight part is not the most important part.  I 
love the way I feel.

Two years later:
Start age: 49.                    
Today's age:  51
Start weight:  176                            
Today's weight:  140  
weight loss = 36 lbs.
Goal:  I would like to lose 10 more pounds.
Start pant size:  16                      
Today's pant size: 9/10
Start shirt size:  Large.              
Today's shirt size:  Small, some medium
Physical in May, 2015: All in normal range

I hired a dietician, Mekenzie Riley, in April, 2015.  She helped me with fat, protein, carbs and calorie intake.  I enter in my food intake
daily on  Nutrition is a big part of this process.  A lot of pre-planning is involved.  It's interesting how poorly most 
people eat and how portion size is so out of whack.  It's cool to be accountable for every piece of food that goes in my mouth.  I could eat 
whatever I want, I guess, but the hard work I've put in makes me want to eat a healthy diet.  My cheat snack is Marble Slab ice cream.  I could 
eat ice cream every day, every meal, but I don't.  It is now an occasional earned treat for me.

One of my biggest accomplishments is my running.  I do not enjoy running. I could not run the 400 warmup for a very long time when I 
first started.  I dreaded when I would see a run on the WOD, but now I don't even mind.  I am getting stronger with my running, but it's taking
a long time.  
I didn't measure myself in the beginning, but I DO know I've lost a lot in my hips and waist area.  I feel strong.  I 
look strong. Physically, but mostly Mentally, I feel better.  I get compliments from my fellow CrossFitters.  I get compliments from people I
haven't seen for awhile.  That feels good!

I started every lift with the trainer bar (15 lbs.).  
With  the support of my coaches, I have had many, many pr's:  
1 RM's
Front squat:    140                             
Back squat:    165
Deadlift:    240                                                     
Clean and jerk:    90
Snatch:    80                                                        
Push Press:    95
Bench press:    105

I started out wearing sweats and tee shirts to cover myself.  I now proudly wear Capri pants and tank tops. I am still not comfortable to 
wear shorts (maybe next year).
My future goals are to get my pull-up, consistent double unders, and who knows maybe even a muscle up. I am happy with my progress thus far.  
I can keep up with the kids half of my age on most days!Face savoring delicious food
I tell the kids at the gym to ALWAYS work out no matter what is going on in your life.  If not CrossFit, run, walk, yoga, kickboxing, etc., find 
what you like to do and do it.  If you don't use it, you lose it.  I'm a perfect example of this!
My favorite saying is "consistency is the key to long term results".  Show up and give it your all.

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