Warmup: Complete

Banded Skater Walks-Side to Side steps

10 Empty Bar Back Squats (30X1)

Warmup to weight being used in workout A

200m run

A) WOD: “Back Squat Biathalon”
-400m run
-18 Back Squats (225/155) or scale to 70% of 5RM
-400m run
15 Back Squats
-400m run
-12 Back Squats
*If you have to break up a set of Back Squats you have to run a 200m penalty lap.

*20 min cap

B) Intervals: 5 rounds/each

10/8 cal rower sprint + Sandbag Carry (120/80) + 3 Cleans + 3 Burpees over the rower

*Alternate rounds with a partner

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